Behavior Consulting

All kids exhibit challenging behaviors at times. This behavior is often unknowingly reinforced by caregivers at home and school. We work with the family to identify the function of the behavior, design a plan to teach the child more appropriate ways of getting those same needs met, and then help implement the plan at home and/or at school. 

Child Care

Preschool Studio provides ​training and coaching for childcare professionals working with children with behavioral challenges. Depending on the specific needs, we teach the caregiver strategies for easing transitions, setting limits without engaging in power struggles, and helping the child achieve developmental milestones. We specialize in training and coaching nannies in potty training procedures. 

​Strategic Classroom Design
We help schools optimize classrooms to maximize learning and minimize behavioral issues. We can help in the beginning of the school year or help make improvements and problem-solve during the year.
  • proactively minimize behavioral issues and manage behavioral concerns
  • identify more opportunities to incorporate visual supports
  • add structure to the daily routine
  • improve on-task behavior and fluency of the daily routine 
  • identify distractions and increase attention
  • set up positive behavioral supports for classroom management
  • organize data collection and filing systems.  
Play Date and Playgroup Facilitation
Play dates are an excellent opportunity for kids to build and deepen friendships with classmates, practice their developing social, emotional, and communication skills in a natural setting, and develop confidence entering future social situations. We facilitate playdates with 2 or more children with similar goals or accompany the child on a playdate the family arranges, helping it be a positive, successful, fun, learning experience for all the playmates. 
Potty Training
  • We assess the child's readiness and help the family prepare themselves and their child for potty training. We work closely with the family to design a personalized potty training plan and provide as much support as the family wants through the potty training process on an hourly basis in the home or by phone. If it's determined that a child is not ready for toilet training, we will help the family work on developing the skills needed for readiness. 
  • We also provide a potty training concierge service where you can sit and watch or go to work and come home to your toilet trained tot. Read more 
Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) Program

​We help integrate children presenting with academic, behavioral, social, emotional, sensory, attention, or communication concerns into their home, school, or other community environments. Some families use our private SEIT services to ensure high quality support, confidentiality, and personalized attention, while other families utilize our services to supplement or supervise a child's mandated SEIT hours. Read more

Test Preparation

We provide 1:1 tutoring sessions in the home to prepare your child for the tests that qualify kids for admission into New York City’s gifted and talented public-school program. Contact us for more information and to set up tutoring sessions for the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test and Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test.

Child Development Toolkit



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